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Vicky and Mark have lived and worked in East Africa making ground-breaking films for over 30 years. Their films celebrate biodiversity and the inter-connectivity of the natural world. They began their careers as underwater filmmakers, making their first film, the award-winning Yndan an Fala - Valley beneath the Sea in 1984 for international release by Survival Anglia.

In their twenties they moved to East Africa at the invitation of Alan Root (Oscar® winning Serengeti shall not Die) to film the celebrated Here Be Dragons and shortly afterwards the award-winning Devilfish about giant octopus for the BBC. Both films commanded the highest audience viewing figures of their time.

Mark and Vicky produce 'authored' films - they both direct, film, produce and write their own work. They immerse themselves in their subjects - typically living on location with a small, dedicated team for 2 years to shoot each film. They are both accomplished divers and pilots. 

Their films have won more than 100 international awards including Emmys®, Peabodys®, Griersons, ‘Green Oscars' (Wildscreen) and numerous Best of Festivals including Jackson Hole, and the UK Documentary awards.

Mark and Vicky’s filming and choice of subject has always been driven by conservation and their passion for the natural world. The couple build outreach and education programmes around their films which includes translating the films into local languages, donating the broadcast rights to the countries in which they are made, and working on the ground with local conservation groups. 

Vicky and Mark have two sons who were raised in bush camps alongside the filming. They have just completed their first feature, the award-winning The Elephant Queen - the first feature film to be purchased and released by Apple.